phiQ awards

class saathi makes learning, teaching & management a breeze. that’s why, phiQ school champ awards honour all stakeholders in education. with a grand prize of ₹1  lakh, 370+ cash prizes including 290+ scholarships, and 70+ awards, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.


students can win two main prizes:

class saathi phiQ consistently brilliant performance award

awarded to the student with the highest average score across two tests, the grand 1st prize, adjudged across all five classes, is a trophy, certificate and a scholarship worth ₹1 lakh. there are scholarships worth ₹20,000 each for the first two runners up, along with certificates for the first 50 runners up.


5 students each win a trophy, certificate, and scholarship worth ₹10,000 as first prizes for each class. the next two rank holders from each class win trophies, certificates and scholarships worth ₹5,000 each. the remaining students among the top 50 each bag a plaque and a certificate.


class saathi phiQ edu leap award

phiQ or proven heightened imbibing quotient measures enhancement in conceptual comprehension. in each of 5 score slabs, the student who achieves the highest improvement score or phiQ wins. that’s 25 trophies, certificates, and scholarships worth ₹5000 each. the next 10 rank holders, in each of 5 slabs in each class win plaques, certificates and scholarships worth ₹1000 which means another 250 chances to prove yourself. students who achieve the next 10 ranks in each of 5 slabs in each class win certificates and plaques.


teachers also have multiple chances to win:

class saathi inspiring educator award                


this prestigious honour goes to the teacher with the most students scoring the highest average score. the felicitation includes a trophy and a cash prize of ₹50,000. the next 10 teachers win a trophy and a cash prize of ₹5,000.


class saathi phiQ scholastic changemaker award

a teacher from each of the 5 competing classes who has the most students individually achieving top improvement scores in each of 5 slabs wins a trophy and a cash prize of ₹10,000. 25 teachers will be honoured this way. 

the teacher whose section and the head of the department whose class collectively achieve highest phiQ or improvement score across slabs & classes each win a shield, a certificate, and a cash prize worth ₹25,000. they also get free access to saathi+ analytics for that section / class / teachers / h.o.d.s / principal / admin / school owner for 1 month.


educationists & schools

class saathi phiQ top class award

in each of the 5 grades, the class that achieves the top average score and the one that achieves the highest phiQ or improvement score in every score slab, each bags a trophy, free access to saathi+ for 3 months, and cash prizes worth ₹5,000 each. the school, h.o.d., teachers, and students share credit.


class saathi phiQ top school award

for each of the 5 competing classes, the school that has the most sections with the highest total phiQ or improvement score wins a sword, free access to saathi+ for 6 months, and cash prizes worth ₹50,000 each. the school owner / administrator is given the honour. 


class saathi phiQ education icon of 2020

the school admin whose school scores top average school-wide phiQ or improvement score wins a sword, free access to saathi+ for 1 year, and a cash prize of ₹50,000. this award salutes the achievements of 2 exceptional educationists—one from the private sector, and one from the government.



class saathi phiQ india's top educity / top edustate / top eduzone of 2020 

the city, state and zone that gets the top overall average phiQ each wins a scroll, a shawl, free access to saathi+ analytics, and b.a.s.i.c. black bags of class saathi clickers. the winning city, state and zone win saathi+ access respectively for 10, 30 and 50 schools, for 3, 6, and 12 months; apart from 3, 5 and 10 b.a.s.i.c. black bags of clickers. brilliant, affordable, simple, infra-free and compact—each bag with 40 clickers—makes an entire school truly smart. the award for the city honours the education minister and  i.a.s. of the state / u.t. ; the one for the state salutes the chief minister / equivalent, education minister & i.a.s. of the state / u.t.; and the zonal award salutes the central education or h.r.d. minister.


parents & guardians get a chance to win

class saathi evolved parent award

5 parents or legal guardians with 2 or more kids participating , whose kids score the highest average phiQ or improvement scores are each honoured with a certificate, plaque, and by being featured on our facebook page.


note: all contestants get digital certificates when scores are tied, winners are selected by a lucky dip.


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